Law of Marketing is the Secret Ingredient

Law of Marketing is the Secret Ingredient

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In this article I am sharing the marketing experience which I have learn during the Digital Deepak Marketing internship Program.

I am a continue learner because no one is perfect in this world and you should be continue learner in order to become successful person and this habit with enhance your knowledge.

There are many Topics in Marketing but some of Marketing Topics are really important to learn when you are planning to make career into Digital Marketing. you should learn at least Law of Marketing.

How to Plan you Financial Goal

Law of Marketing

Above image is the great example how you should plan your financial Goal, Before learning this i was thinking that if you wish to sell something online you should keep the product price less as much as you can but after learning this in Law of Marketing i changed my mind completely.

Now I can sell my product online at good price but at the same time i need to maintain the quality of product so that buyer will get more value in front of the Price of the product.

This way you will achieve your goal fast because you need less number of buyer which is great.

Fundamentals of Marketing

Fundament of Marketing is something you should have knowledge about, Now my believe is that is you wanted to be there on online platforms, you should know how marketing is working (Marketing Functionality).

When to start Marketing

You should know when to start marketing and for your product or service. Law of marketing is you should plan your marketing even when your product is not ready, because this will work as research for your product you will come to know what people is thinking about this product or service.

Demand of your Product in the market etc. So, you will get the complete knowledge you should create product or not.

if you get positive result now you have to start creating product and continue your marketing which can now make awareness in the market.

Reach right person at right time

It is important to reach right person at right time so that the cost of marketing is not wasted.

let’s take an example that you are selling networking course, and you started marketing without right target audience. believe me the result of marketing is going to be very bad.

Targeting the right audience is very important factor of marketing, you have create networking course for those who wanted to make career into IT field, but you are showing ads to those who don’t have any interest into this field, so even if they see your ad they are not going to react on it.

if you are showing ads to those people who wanted to make career into networking, they will click on your ad and register for it.

That is why reach to right person at right time is important.

You can Plan this only if you know Law of Marketing.

Recurring Marketing is important

Recurring marketing concept is very important part of marketing, so that you get more and more profit out of it.

When you are selling something to someone you should always focus on the future opportunity, offer something that can add value for customer, so that customer should feel they always should buy from you only.

Keeping customer happy and solving their problems on time by taking pro-active decisions in favour of customer can built trust and they will buy products from you and also refer other customer to buy from you.

Invest Time and Energy

Investing Time & Energy is important because it is there from long time and it will be going to there in future.

Investing time & Energy into some other field might be end soon but marketing is going to be there as long as people are selling online or offline.

Let’s take an example I also invested time and energy into Networking but as the time passing technologies changing and i have to keep learning new concepts every time to continue into networking field but in marketing things are changing but the law of marketing is going to same as i learn long back.

Communication importance into Marketing

Communication play very important role in marketing.

Delivering Product or Service information in easy way and at the same time explaining feature of the product or service is a great skill of communication in Law of Marketing.

Let’s take an example, we have seen many example of google ads on TV where during ad they never use word search on google but they created a ad in such a way that looking at the ad we come to know that google is introduced new feature in google map we can benefit for us and we start using that feature.

Which means the purpose of ad is done. So, if we wanted to sell something to anyone do not sell directly. if you try to sell directly people will not buy that but if you show then the benefits only and you are not trying to sell people will defiantly start buying that product.

Traditional Marketing V/s Digital Marketing

There advantage of using Digital Marketing in front of Traditional Marketing. you will get to know the difference in traditional and digital marketing by learning Law of Marketing.

Using Digital Marketing We can reach right target audience and at the same time we can also decide the location where we want to show our ads but this is not possible in print media (Traditional Marketing).

Digital marketing is best and easy way to reach right and wide range of audience with low cost and where traditional marketing we need to spend more money as we go wider.

Learn CATT Concept in Marketing

CATT is the best way to plan any marketing, CATT stands for Content, Attention, Trust, Transaction. CATT is great feature of Law of Marketing.

Content: Content is the king in the marketing so creating good content is important.

Attention: you need to grab attention toward your product or service in order to create marketing awareness.

Trust: Trust in your Product is very important factor, also by solving problems of customers on time is also create trust.

Transaction: once trust is built now you can convert leads into sales.

Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing is important if you want to get success in marketing

Marketing is not that easy but if you use integrated marketing it’s very easy to get results.

There are people who spend so much into paid ads and email Marketing but they don’t get great result as they are not using integrated marketing concept.

Integrated marketing concept is a combination of multiple feature together like Paid ads, Email Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Content.

if you know how to use these tools together you will get result 100%.

Personal Branding

Now a days people are spend time online before they buy and specially they follow the instruction of the person who have great knowledge of the product.

So, if you have a online presence and you have built trust in people, so whatever you will say people are going to take action on it.

SO it is very important to focus on personal branding rather than product or service branding. Law of Marketing teach you how you should become a brand and sell your product or service indirectly and very effectively.


if you wanted to make career into Marketing you need to have the knowledge of Law of Marketing.

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