[EID MUBARAK] Whatsapp Facebook Viral Script Free Download

EID MUBARAK Whatsapp Facebook Viral Script Free Download 

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Download Eid Mubarak Script – Here I’m sharing the Whatsapp Viral Script of Eid Mubarak For Free, You can use it on your website / Blogger. Many people searching for the best Whatsapp shareable wishing script on the web, but I’m sure you like this type of script. you can also download INDEPENDENCE DAY SCRIPT. 


wid mubarak wishing script


Here is Step by Step Video guide for your reference.

Below is the Step by Step Guide for Installation of this Script 

1. Create account on blogspot.
2. Create Post and upload all images which you are going to use and save the post. ( NOTE: do not publish this post.)
3. Right click on the image and copy the link.
4. Open goo.gl and short copied link.
5. Paste the short link in the script.
6. Generate the Adsense ad code from adsense account.
7. Paste the Adsense code to respected section on the script.
8. Generate the Google Analytical Code from google Analytical account.
9. Paste the analytical code at the top of the script.
10. Copy complete script and paste it in the blogspot theme section


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